Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reinstalled Lucid Lynx

I upgraded my old CRT monitor with new LCD monitor. Ubuntu identified my monitor and I did not have to configure anything. My old monitor had a generic driver for monitor and Nvidia driver for my video card. After usage for some time, a message appeared that recommended change of driver for my video card suitable for my new monitor. I pressed "yes". When I re-booted, only wallpaper appeared and all others vanished including menus. I could not operate my PC. I thought of booting through recovery mode and correct through command line operation.

I must admit that I felt lazy to do that. Instead I adopted the route of fresh install of Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04). When I upgraded last to Lucid Lynx, I had some unwanted apps also residing in my PC. A fresh install has made my PC a lot clean. Loading all my apps could be done mostly through "Ubuntu Software Center" or "Synaptic Package Manager". A few, that could not be installed through these two, could be installed through Debian package Installer. It is like MSI installer in Windows.

My Ubuntu is back in full productive mood!